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ITF Technical Engineering

A "sparkling" environmental and ecological technical design. With his 18 collaborators, ITF innovates radically for its studies of heating, air-conditioning, natural and assisted ventilation, renewable energy and heat recovery, solar energy, use of the biomass, electricity, photovoltaic, alternative rain water treatment, daylight and accompanies the town planners on the sets of themes by sustainable development.

Beyond "technical", our environmental approach often is successful because controlled and exemplary:

  • Indicators and posting of the success of the step
  • Method, factor of success of this environmental engagement
  • Listening to perceive the requests, to specify waitings
  • An iterative approach of the objectives
  • Clear environmental objectives
  • A formal definition as soon as they are adopted
  • The definition of relevant indicators
  • The description of engagements of the building Owner
  • The measurement of the results and the assessment
  • The posting of the objectives and the results
  • A regular and possibly constraining follow-up of the actors
  • Training and information of the personnel of the building site for concrete actions
  • A clean building site for the operations of installation and constructions (the community gives the example)

We will be able to go still a little further while imagining that the operations really are successful only when EACH ONE seized and made bear fruit the part which returns to him, while contributing to the project in a collaborative logic of collective intelligence.

With great humility, we will be able to inform, even train, elected officials, clients, owner building private and public so that this environmental vision of the urban development is integrated in a voluntary way, convinced and "sparkling" in the programs and the requirements of the projects of installation.

To exchange with all the actors, to reach the best performance levels, while trying to simplify. More With Less as our european partners say it.

Field of expertise

  • Thermics of comfort heating and air-conditioning,
  • Ventilation for a healthy interior of the buildings
  • Energy of the buildings with dynamic calculation of the physical phenomena,
  • Heat recovery
  • Low tech approach
  • Renewable energies (solar, wood energy, wind,...) and any energy valorization,
  • Daylight with optimization of the illumination approaches,
  • Restoration of the buildings with a radical, committed and pragmatic approach for also making safe the occupants in face of the increases in the oil price coming,
  • Optimization of the reduction of ALL the needs (thermics, energy, but also transport, consumption of land...),
  • Alternative Treatment of rain water, greening and contribution of town planning to the summer comfort against urban heat island effect




  • OPQIBI certification,
  • ISO9000 qualification,
  • CICF and FIDIC member,
  • Assessment carbon ADEME for evaluation of the impacts CO2


Une équipe forte
de 20 personnes

Des responsabilités verticales et un interlocuteur unique pour chaque projet - Un auto-contrôle interne conforme ISO9001 - Des ressources internes transversales (environnement, simulation dynamique, urbanisme) - Un contact direct et réactif avec les chargés d’affaires - Des prises de décision et des actions rapides.